Pit Bull Pride Walk Hosted to Change Image of Breed


Pit Bull Pride Walk Hosted to Change Image of Breed

After recent pit bull attacks in Georgia, a Macon advocacy group hopes to change the image of the breed.

“If I see one running loose, I’m going to make sure all children are out the way. I’m going to take precautions,” said Marie Charles.

She is talking about what she does when comes across a pit bull.

“I just know that they are naturally aggressive dogs,” said Charles.

Stubby’s Heroes is a pit bull advocacy group and they hope to change that stereotype with their bully pride walk this Sunday.

Elizabeth Worthy is organizing the parade of pooches.

“This is their natural environment, this is their goofy, slobbery, happy go lucky, loves kids, you get to see the real dog,” Worthy said.

She hopes the event brings awareness to the breed she thinks is misrepresented.

According to dogsbite.org, pit bulls killed 232 people during attacks from 2005 to 2015.

She says the website is misleading, and it’s all nature versus nurture.

“There’s bad apples and you’ve got dogs [with] maybe a mental issue, breeding issue,” said Worthy. “Vick’s dogs…50 of them came out and they were reformed dogs. They went on to be therapy dogs, and family pets with no issues.”

Lanikka Roberts owned a pit bull once, and she never had a problem.

She hopes others can see the other side of the breed.

“It would be a good experience for people to see that not all pit bulls are being raised to be aggressive,” Roberts said.

That’s why Charles plans to come see this group of pit bulls herself.

“That’s one fear I would definitely like to overcome because I have a good rapport with dogs, with all animals actually, but just because of their reputation I am kind of weary of them,” Charles said.

The parade of pooches starts at 1 p.m. this Sunday at Tattnall Square Park in Macon as long as the weather holds.


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