Pitbull Don’t Bully Me Local Program Helping Change The Stigma


Pitbull Don’t Bully Me Local Program Helping Change The Stigma 

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) Pit bulls, bull dogs and other similar breeds often get a bad reputation as violent, vicious animals.

One group of Killeen dog lovers is hoping to change that stigma with a program called Don’t Bully Me.

Alex Anderson is in charge of the program, and is a trainer through Gavin’s Dog House as well.

She said the goal is to advocate for pit bulls, bull dogs, bull terriers, and other animals that fall under the bully breed category.

“We really want to get the education out there,” Anderson said. “We want to advocate that not every dog that you see walking down the street that’s a bully breed is going to rip off your leg.”

Anderson said the program is currently applying to become a not-for-profit organization, which will be separate from Gavin’s Dog House.

It will focus on training one or two bully dog breeds at a time from the Killeen Animal Shelter.

“I’m going to teach them how to walk on a leash, I’m going to teach them how to sit, how to down, how to live in a house, and hopefully that will help them go out and find their forever home,” she said.

Another goal of the program is to encourage local property owners to lift bans of pit bulls and other breeds, and require a special type of dog insurance instead, Anderson said.

The group of dog lovers hopes to make a difference in policy with Fort Hood housing as well, which does not allow pit bulls and other breeds.

Killeen resident Tracy Myers owns seven dogs, including three pit bulls. She said she plans to help the Don’t Bully Me program to change society’s perception of bully breeds.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” Myers said. “I know it’s an old saying, but really, these dogs may look scary, but they are the biggest sweethearts, and they’re loving and they will give you kisses all day long.”

Anderson said the Don’t Bully Me program is currently looking for volunteers to advocate for bully dog breeds around Killeen.

If you would like to help, call (817) 233-1994.

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