Rescued from dog-fighting ready for adoption, vet calls sweet temperament typical for the breed

Eva, Ziva and GusEva, Ziva and Gus

Pit bulls from Ontario arrive in Halifax and are up for adoption

Breed ban legislation restricts ownership of pit bulls in Ontario, Quebec considering similar ban

Three pit bulls have landed safely in Halifax and are looking for permanent homes after being rescued from what the SPCA says was a dogfighting operation in Ontario.

Eva, Gus and Ziva were kept in Ontario for a year of rehabilitation and then flown to the East Coast this week courtesy of Pilots N Paws Canada, an organization that shuttles animals between rescue shelters.

The animal care director for the Nova Scotia SPCA says it receives dozens of similar requests from its Ontario counterpart due to breed ban legislation that restricts ownership of pit bulls within the province.

“Due to the breed ban in Ontario, they request assistance from us in order to not have to euthanize them,” Sandra Flemming said in an interview.

“We always try to help when we can.”

Sweet temperament typical

Flemming says the 18-month-old pups’ sweet temperament is typical of the breed, and it is believed they were too young at the time of rescue to have been involved in fighting.

Flemming says the inter-province transfer exemplifies the “great working relationship” between the SPCA and other animal societies and shows the no-kill organization’s commitment to rehabilitating
animals no matter their background.

“I think really it comes down to when organizations really start communicating with each other and develop a trust,” she said.

“I’m sure they get attached to (the dogs) as well and want to make sure they got to the right places with the right reputation.”

Quebec considering breed ban

She says with a breed ban now under consideration in Quebec, organizations across the country will have to work together to find pit bull breeds a loving home.

“I’d like to think that cooler heads will remain in regards to considering a breed ban,” Flemming said. “The conversation really needs to be more about responsible pet ownership.”

Flemming says she’s owned three pit bulls herself and hopes other families can know the joy of owning one as well.

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By Adina Bresge, The Canadian Press Posted: Jun 18, 2016 6:48 AM ATLast Updated: Jun 18, 2016 1:26 PM AT

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