Sir Patrick Stewart Partners With The ASPCA To Raise Dog Fighting Awareness

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Sir Patrick Stewart Partners With The ASPCA To Raise Dog Fighting Awareness 

April 8 is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. Throughout the month of April, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA, is urging animal lovers across the country to #GetTough on dog fighting.

Unfortunately, we’ve got a long way to go before dog fighting is a thing of the past. The very fact that we still need a day like this is telling.

The ASPCA claims that despite being a felony in all 50 states, dog fighting continues to be a popular underground activity, with thousands of dogs fought or bred in almost every state. The organization estimates that there are tens of thousands of dog fighters in the U.S., forcing dogs to train and suffer at the hands of humans every year.

And dogs wrapped up in this vicious activity can use all the help they can get.

Joining the effort to end dog fighting in an official capacity is Sir Patrick Stewart– actor extraordinaire and so much more. Stewart is partnering with the ASPCA to raise awareness on the prevalence of dog fighting in the U.S. and to encourage animal lovers nationwide to take action against one of the most brutal forms of animal cruelty.

Stewart explains, “Dog fighting represents the worst of human nature and the ultimate betrayal of loving animals, so it’s important to build awareness and a resounding public rejection.” As if I could love him any more!

Throughout April, the ASPCA is urging animal lovers across the country to #GetTough on dog fighting by posting selfies with their pets to their social media channels.

Your selfie should show you flexing your muscles in solidarity with the movement and taking a stand against dog fighting. In addition, you’re encouraged to speak out against dog fighting by using the hashtag #GetTough.

Sir Patrick’s #GetTough selfie shows him and his adorable foster pit bull Ginger.


Photo Credit: ASPCA

Ginger is a former shelter dog who was taken in by a Los Angeles-based nonprofit called Wags and Walks. If you’re like me, you’re well aware of their love affair, which has been documented in social media since they first met.

The evolution of their friendship has included lots of kisses, naps, and a swimming pool, leaving one to wonder — how on earth can he not adopt Ginger?!

Well, the answer lies in an archaic law. The U.K. bans pit bulls, and Stewart lives there part of the year.

Although Ginger has moved on to another foster family, given her newfound celebrity, she should have no problem finding a forever home.

Meanwhile, Ginger’s mug is featured prominently in Sir Patrick’s #GetTough selfie.

According to People, it’s the sheer magic the 2-year-old pup instilled in Stewart’s life that inspired him to seek causes that protect dogs like Ginger from being the target of abuse.

Stewart says, “No civilized society should tolerate barbaric practices that profit off animal torture, yet this is exactly what happens at dog fights — which occur more frequently, take place in more communities, and involve a broader population of individuals than most people realize.”

Sadly, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the preferred dog of choice for dog fighting in the U.S.

As PETA explains, dogs used for fighting are often taunted and starved in order to trigger extreme survival instincts and encourage aggression: “Dogs are encouraged to fight to the death, and the fight can go on for hours — until both dogs are exhausted and at least one is seriously injured or dead.”

It is a sad fact that this barbaric activity still happens. It’s 2017, not 1517.

Stewart says, “I proudly stand with the ASPCA’s #GetTough campaign because it’s an active step toward the ultimate eradication of this heinous ‘blood sport.’”

Get Involved in Eradicating Dog Fighting

  • Read more to learn how to eliminate dog fighting.
  • Share a muscle-flexing selfie — including pets is encouraged — on your social channels using the hashtag #GetTough and tag @ASPCA.
  • Sign the pledge to #GetTough on dog fighting.

As the ASPCA explains, “Together we can to bring attention to this critical issue and let political officials know that it’s time to crack down on dogfighting once and for all.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Patrick Stewart

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