Choosing the Right Puppy


Choosing the Right Puppy; Almost everyone loves dogs and puppies but there are certain factors that should be considered when you are choosing a puppy for yourself or your family. Puppies are much like people, each one has a different personality as we as different characteristics. These not only vary from one breed of puppy to another but also from one specific dog to another. For this reason it is not as simple as picking one certain breed of dog for you and your family. To find the perfect puppy it takes time and there are things that you have to think about before you make a final decision.

Size and Space

Among the most important considerations when choosing a puppy is how big that puppy will become when full grown. In addition to this you will need to know how much space that puppy will need to keep it healthy and happy. Some dogs are content with small spaces while others need much more room to keep them happy.


The thing that plays the biggest part in determining how much space a dog needs is the amount of exercise he needs. While small dogs generally only need a low level of exercise then it stands to reason that a smaller space will be suitable for their needs. When you have a big dog however they need a much larger space for their exercise needs to be met adequately. It is important to remember that the bigger the dog is the more exercise that they will need to keep him healthy. After all a healthy dog is a happy dog.


Another important aspect of owning a dog is to know what to feed it. Different breeds of dogs sometimes have different needs regarding the foods that they eat. The best way to get the best information regarding the specific breed of dog that you plan to get is to speak to a veterinarian regarding the needs of that particular breed of dog.


Time and Training

Any puppy you get, regardless of the breed, is going to require training in some form. This is true even if it is only to train it not to relieve itself inside. How much training a dog needs is often dependent on the breed of dog it is. It is important when choosing a dog for you and your family that you have the time necessary to devote to his training. In addition to the time needed for training you should also remember that puppies are like children, they need attention and love too. You should be sure that you have plenty of time to give to a new puppy before you make a decision to get one.

Owning a dog or puppy is a big responsibility. Remember that these are living beings with needs and feelings and they will be dependent on you to meet their needs each and every day. Raising and caring for a puppy will require time and patience and you should be sure that you have plenty of both to spare. If you are up for the challenge adding a puppy to your family can be a very rewarding experience.

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