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Puppies bring their owners endless amounts of love, loyalty, companionship and comfort throughout their lifetime but they also take from their owners endless amounts of time, energy and funds. A new puppy requires a lot of responsibility, even more so during the dog’s first few years of life. Several factors should be thoroughly contemplated before the final decision is made to bring a puppy home.

Is adopting a puppy right for your and your family?Make sure to do homework on everything a new puppy will need.This includes material items and training and housebreaking, as well as what is involved in a dog’s daily care . If the new puppy is joining a family, decide what all of the responsibilities to take care of the new puppy are and delegate out the tasks to each member of the family to make the puppy’s well-being and development a family-concern.

Catering to all the need’s of a new puppy takes not only a lot of time, but also a lot of energy. Puppies require an abundance of patience as they grow and are housebroken because no matter what things will be chewed up and peed on.  Only commit to a new puppy if the proper amount of time can be given to train and nurture them.

puppy adoption is a very involved process Besides time and energy, owning a puppy requires money. Their initial adoption fee is only the beginning of a long list of expenses that will pop up throughout the dog’s lifetime. Besides vaccinations and yearly veterinary exams, most pet owners also spay or neuter their dog and usually encounter more than one health problem as the dog ages. Pet insurance can help but those costs can still add up quick. Not to mention, there are also the costs of all of the items needed for feeding and grooming, as well as the fees for pet sitting or boarding. Also, any extras like leashes and collars, pet gates or pet carriers, toys and accessories need to be taken into account, too.

Something else to consider before adopting a puppy is the environment he or she will be entering. If there are small children and/or other dogs in the new puppy’s environment, it is best to get a puppy that is known to be a friendly and tolerant breed. Also dogs require exercise and space and if there is not a lot of room for the dog to grow, like in a small apartment or townhouse, a smaller breed of dog is probably the superior choice.

Owning a puppy means he or she will face all of life’s changes and unexpected events with their new family or owner. The birth of a baby or a move to a new house can impact a dog and how comfortable he or she feels in their home. Dog owners must be conscience of how changes in their life can also affect their dog’s life.

Puppies are cute, but can be a lot of work

A new puppy can be unpredictable and no matter how much preparation is done, flexibility is a necessity to successfully transition into puppy parenthood. Expect that things will not go according to plan and that their will be some hiccups and accidents, most likely several, down the road. Committing to adopt a dog is committing to any and all of their needs throughout his or her lifetime.

After considering all of the factors and deciding to adopt a puppy, the next step is figuring out exactly where to get a new puppy from. A lot of people make the conscience choice to find their furry friend in a local shelter or from a nearby rescue group. But be careful not to make a hasty decision on the right puppy  which puppy is right because the emotions from seeing so many homeless dogs can influence a decision. Take the time to get to know a few potential choices before making a final decision.Adopting a puppy is rewarding and fulfilling

Another option for acquiring a new puppy is to go through a breeder. Often veterinarians or the American Kennel Club can provide referrals for reputable breeders. Make sure to ask questions and to thoroughly evaluate each puppy available in the litter to help decide which dog will be the right choice.

It is a good decision to do research on any avenue chosen to adopt a new puppy through. It may also be a good decision to avoid pet stores or deals on the internet, which usually are scams anyway. Those puppies are more than likely from puppy mills, large-scale commercial breeders who subject the dogs involved to appalling conditions. Adopting a puppy through these sources provides money to people who could be treating dogs inhumanely.

Bringing home a new puppy may seem like a lot of work but it is all worth it in the end. Forming a relationship with a dog during his or her first stages of life creates a bond between human and animal that can last even longer than a lifetime.

Is adopting a puppy the right decision for you and your family?

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