Howling, Barking Boxer Puppy

Howling, Barking Boxer Puppy; Dogs are at their cutest and most adorable when they are very young and very small and the sweet little Boxer puppy in this video is no exception. Like the rest of him, this Boxer’s voice is still quite small but that doesn’t stop him from exercising it as he learns to howl. Because he has such a sweet, small voice the sound that he produces as he howls is truly precious and you can’t help but smile as you listen to it. Each time he stops to take a breath and begin anew it almost sounds as if he is snorting as well which is almost as adorable as his tiny howl. Although he still has a long way to go in perfecting his howl, at three weeks of age it is clear that he has pretty much got the basic concept of it down fairly well. Now all he has to do is grow a little so that he can also put some volume behind it. Right now this little guy’s howl is not enough to even annoy anyone but give him a little time and he will have everyone wishing that he had never learned this vocal ability. This is one video that is just too cute and adorable and should definitely not be missed – especially if you love watching tiny puppies as they learn new things.

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