Puppies Left for Dead In Ditch Undergoing Care at NS Rescue Shelter


Not everyone loves cute, innocent little puppies but what one person did to six puppies that were only three days old was absolutely horrible. While walking home from a hockey game, two teenage girls stumbled across garbage bags in a ditch. When the girls realized that the bags were moving they tore into the bags to investigate the cause. What was inside was truly heart breaking and caused the girls to act quickly in an effort to save their lives.

One girl – Taylor MacKenzie – told reporters that she heard screaming and realized that the bag was moving which is what led her to take a closer look. When the girls opened the bags they found that one of the six puppies inside had already died of suffocation and the others were close to freezing to death. MacKenzie knew that they had to act quickly so she and her friend Kimberley Murphy wrapped their own coats around the puppies to keep them as warm as possible and took them to a shelter where they are still holding on despite the cruel attempt to end their lives. When the girls found the puppies their umbilical cords were still attached.

Although it is not known who committed this cruel act against these defenseless puppies the girls stated that they saw a middle aged man with balding hair leaving the scene in a light blue truck loaded with equipment. The search for the offender is still underway as the SPCA takes this level of animal cruelty extremely seriously.

While the puppies are being cared for by an animal rescue facility known as Litters ‘n Critters they are far from out of the woods at this point. The puppies are being kept in incubators and being hand fed by the staff of the shelter however it is too early to tell if they will survive the incident. The founder of the shelter stated that it will take several weeks to know for sure if the puppies will make it but they are being watched continuously for any change in their conditions.

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Staff members of the shelter that is caring for the puppies have reported that the puppies seem to be responding well to treatment at this point but that their condition could easily worsen without warning. So far the puppies are eating and sleeping which is a good sign that they are improving. Also a sign that they are on the road to recovery is that they are quite vocal as staff has reported that they are making noise.

Litters ‘n Critters is an animal rescue shelter that operates solely on a volunteer basis. The founder, Shelley Cunningham, has stated that anyone who wishes to make a donation towards the cost of the formula that is being used to nurture the puppies – which will cost nearly $60 per day – they can do so by visiting the Facebook page of the organization.

It is a sad fact that atrocities such as this are committed against defenseless animals like this all across the world. If you see someone committing acts of animal neglect or cruelty it should be reported immediately. These animals didn’t ask to be born into such a cruel world and they most certainly didn’t ask to be injured, mistreated or even killed by the people that should be taking care of them.


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