Stop Puppies from Growling and Biting

Stop Puppies from Growling and Biting; It is quite common for puppies to growl and bite at many things especially feet or pants legs. When they are young this is often viewed as behavior that is cute or adorable however as they progress in age it is viewed as aggressive behavior and is not so cute any more. While it may be cute to watch your puppy chase your feet or grab your pant leg and shake it this is not a behavior that should be encouraged and in fact should be discouraged from the beginning. The best way to teach your puppy the proper way to behave is to start from an early age. Young puppies learn very quickly and if you start working with them while they are young you will have better results than if you wait until the behavior becomes ingrained into them. One of the most important parts of teaching and training your puppy is consistency. This means that you will need to work with them on a regular basis. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean working with them each and every day it should be done on a regular basis. The more you work with your young puppy the better the end result will be and the faster your puppy will learn what behaviors are unacceptable. Food motivation is an important part of training as this gets the attention of most puppies. When training your puppy use treats as rewards. Each time your puppy responds to commands and exhibits the desired behavior reward him with a treat. It won’t take long for him to learn that certain behaviors bring treats and therefore he will be more likely to exhibit those behaviors.

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