How To Stop Puppy Mills


  1. Adopt your next pet. You may have your heart set on a puppy or a particular breed, but please don’t support puppy mills by buying pets online or in stores. We guarantee that the perfect pet is waiting for you at one of the thousands of shelters or rescue groups across the country – and they’re not hard to find. First, visit your local shelter. If you don’t find the right pet there, visit You can also find a dog of a particular breed by contacting a breed-rescue organization. To find breed rescue groups, do a search online: Go to (or another search engine), enter a city or state, the name of the breed you are looking for, and the word “rescue.”
  2. Don’t buy a puppy online or from a pet store. If you buy a puppy online or from a pet store, you are most likely supporting the puppy mill industry because these are the two ways that puppy millers sell millions of dogs each year. If you intend to buy a puppy, do your homework and read “How to Be Sure Your Next Dog Isn’t from a Puppy Mill.”


  1. Take action against pet stores that sell dogs supplied by puppy mills. Ask pet stores to consider switching to a humane business model, one that promotes adopting instead of selling puppies from breeders. (Click here for a list of stores that have paved the way.) If the store chooses not to change, you can hold peaceful rallies to help educate the public and change store policy. To learn how, download the action kit called “How to Organize a Peaceful Pet Store Demonstration.”

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