The Reality of Puppy Mills

The Reality of Puppy Mills; There are literally hundreds of thousands of puppy mills in existence in the world. Dirty, overcrowded cages, contaminated food and water that is covered with algae. These are just some of the horrifying conditions that you can expect to find in puppy mills. Add to that the lack of human interaction and you are left with dogs that not only have serious physical and emotional health issues but are literally afraid of everything including humans simply because they have never been exposed to it.

These poor animals don’t know the happiness or joy that come from being a loved and cherished member of a human family. What is even more horrible than these precious animals being born into such conditions is that many people purchase these puppy mill dogs without even realizing that they came from puppy mills.

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  1. Puppy mills r terrible they don’t care about the animal they just care about how much money they can make and they don’t take care of the dogs it’s such a shame

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