U.S. Announces Crackdown on Shady Puppy Imports


As revealed by an investigation conducted in June there are high numbers of dogs shipped from puppy mills in Korea and other places as well to kennels around the world. These puppy mills are little more than breeding grounds that are cramped and the living conditions for these defenseless animals are horrible. These puppies are sold at high costs while they are raised at minimal costs which results in the deterioration of their health in a majority of cases.

The report that was published as a result of this investigation has shown that a law vital to the animal import trade has not been properly enforced by the American government. Because of the lack of proper enforcement of this law puppies are being imported at very young ages and many don’t survive the trip often succumbing to disease and malnutrition among other things. After this report was published the US Division of Agriculture has declared that they would work harder to see that this law – which was actually passed six years ago – is much more strictly enforced to protect these animals.

The original law was first established as part of the 2008 Farm Bill and prohibited the import of puppies that were younger than six months of age. It further stated that even puppies that had reached this age must be in excellent health in order to be legally imported. Adjustments of this law will go into effect in November.


Puppies are often imported to the United States from various places such as South Korea, Eastern Europe, Mexico and China. In many cases these puppies are stuffed into plastic tubes which are dirty and unsanitary often causing illness and even death. Of the puppies that do survive this trip many die shortly after reaching their new homes. In other cases puppies are stuffed into trunks and even pockets and driven through excessive heat to cross American borders. Still other places such as Asia butcher and eat dogs that are no longer useful to providing new litters of puppies.

Although it is more than clear that stricter laws protecting these horribly mistreated dogs and puppies need to be put into place, officials are also worried about the repercussions of implementing such laws. The reason for their concern is genuine in that they fear these stricter import laws will increase the demand for young puppies as these stricter laws will mean that young puppies won’t be as readily available.

Regardless of how you view the situation, one thing is certain – the puppies should be protected by any all means possible. If that means stricter import laws regarding these helpless animals then so be it. No animal should be made to suffer just because they have a price on their head and are in high demand in countries other than the ones which they are native to. Everyone should work together and realize that these puppies are not cash cows as some people perceive them but rather living creatures that deserve the same humane treatment as any other living thing.

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