Uber Delivers, Puppies?


Uber Delivers, Puppies?

Uber has become fairly well known over the last several years as a new concept in transportation. In addition to this the company has also made several different ventures into the delivery realm at various times as well. Some such ventures have included delivering kittens on National Cat Day and then again delivering Christmas Trees for the 2013 holiday season. Uber’s newest delivery idea is to deliver puppies during the Puppy Bowl. As animal lovers you may already know that the Puppy Bowl is a canine adaptation of the Super Bowl. The difference here is that instead of fierce looking men running across a football field you have puppies. The two canine teams consist of Team Ruff and Team Fluff.

With this unique concept also comes negative and positive reception. For example, one negative point is that these puppy deliveries will be limited to only a few major cities across the United States. These cities include Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Baltimore and Seattle. It is understandable that Uber would not be able to service every city across the country but it surely seems like they could make an effort to serve at least a few more of the major cities.

Like many services related to Uber the cost for this dog-loving service is not cheap. In order to play with these puppies for a very short 15 minutes the charge is $30. This seems like an exorbitant amount of money to play with puppies that are up for adoption and for such a short amount of time. Fortunately this particular negative of the concept also has a positive attached. The money that is made through this Puppy Bowl will go to animal service organizations that have teamed up with Uber and Animal Planet to make this possible. Some such organizations that this will help include Denver’s Dumb Friends League, The Humane Societies of Arizona, Atlanta and Indianapolis, BARCS Baltimore, Wags and Walks of LA, Washington Area Rescue League, Dallas Animal Services, PAWS Seattle and Cleveland Animal Protective League. This money will go to a great cause in helping these pet organizations.

Through the eyes of many consumers this attempt by Uber to put past indiscretions behind them may be seen as too little, too late. This is in light of the many issues that they have been involved in almost from the beginning of the company’s existence both in the United States and abroad. Some of the noted scandals contributed to Uber have included price surges during times of disaster or other terrible events to possibly making threats against media personnel for negative reports against them although this has not been confirmed.

Although Uber has had their share of bad publicity in the past, a company that will team with Animal Planet and various animal organizations may not be all bad. These organizations, after all, do work very hard to see that homeless pets are cared for until homes can be found for them. Go Uber!

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