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It is no secret that few things can really pull at a woman’s heart strings faster than a cute little puppy can. The question that many people ask regarding this fact however is ‘why’. It is rather obvious that puppies are cute and furry and cuddly but is this really reason enough for a woman to go goo-goo eyed when she sees a puppy? It is this unseen bond between women and puppies that leads many men to get puppies for pets as a way to attract women and get their attention.

Generally speaking women are more sensitive than men and most women have a much more sentimental side than average men do. This is one of the reasons that the majority of women instinctively love puppies. They are cute and cuddly bundles of fur and typically love the attention that women tend to lavish upon them.

Another factor that may play a part in the reason that women love puppies so much is the maternal factor. It is a woman’s natural instinct to mother and nurture and for most women this doesn’t stop at their children but carries on into just about everyone and everything in their lives including their pets. For many women it gives them a sense of fulfillment to know that they have loved and cared for something and helped to shape them into what they become.

Not all women have the same maternal instinct. For example, some women would rather not have children because they don’t like the idea of being everything that a mother entails. Even with women such as this they are often still moved by puppies or even other animals.

Puppies are naturally cute creatures. Few things can make a person laugh at the antics of a naturally inquisitive puppy and how can you not love something that looks at you with those big, beautiful eyes as if to ask for your attention or even just a kind word from someone?

In some circles, there are certain breeds of dogs that are even considered to be a woman’s dog simple because of their personality and some of their mannerisms. For example, a Chihuahua is one such breed because they are dainty and seemingly fragile. In addition to this, Chihuahua’s are often easily excitable as women of older generations were prone to be. For this reason the Chihuahua became known as a woman’s dog over the years.

Regardless of the reason it is rather obvious that women really do love puppies. Whether it is because they are cute and cuddly bundles of fur or loyal and obedient friends really doesn’t matter much. The fact remains that very few things can come between the bonds that a woman shares with that special dog in her life. After all, dog’s aren’t just a man’s best friend – they can be woman’s too. If you ever doubt that just sit back and watch a woman with her dog for a while and you will see just how true it is.

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