10 Dog Obedience Commands


10 Dog Obedience Commands; Training a dog to obey your commands is not just about teaching them how to do tricks and other cute things. While tricks may be entertaining they lend little towards teaching them actual obedience. The most basic commands not only teach your dog how to obey you but they also play a crucial role in keeping your pet safe when in crowds or away from the sanctuary of your home. By teaching them the most common obedience commands you will not only be teaching your pet the behavior that is expected of him but you will be giving him valuable information that will help to keep him safe and may even save his life at one point or another.


Almost every puppy learns to sit at some point as this is one of the most common commands that owners teach from a very early age. This commands tells them that it is time to sit still and is helpful in situations where other people are around.


This is another command that aids in controlling an animal. This one tells them that in addition to sitting you want them to maintain that position until you are ready for them to move.


Lay Down

This command just adds a little reinforcement to other stationary commands such as sit or stay. This helps to help the dog know that he is not meant to be up running around at this time. This particular command is helpful when company is present or at other times when you would prefer that your pet not be all over the place and that this is a time for calmness and quietness.


When you use this command it tells your pet that this is a time when he needs to stay by your side or at least close to you. This helps to control the animal when you are around large groups of people or when he is off the leash.


Teaching your pet to look at you when you are talking to them is important. Remember animals are like children in many ways. Just like a child listens and understands better when they look at you as you are speaking so does a pet.

Watch Me

This just takes the look at me approach a little bit farther. This is helpful when you are trying to teach your pet something through demonstration.


There is nothing more frustrating than a pet not coming to you when you call them. This is especially true if you are outside of your home when this happens. This is one command that is very important for every dog to know so that he knows that when you call his name he is expected to respond and take action to come to your side.

Leave It

This is one that in essence is used as a means of protecting your dog. The most common time to use this command is when your pet is chasing or playing with something that could harm him.

Drop It

This command is basically an extension of the leave it command however may be appropriate than simply leave it if the animal has already picked up something that you have deemed improper or unsafe for him to have.


This is also a protection command. Teaching your dog the meaning of wait as well as how to obey this command can protect them from many things and may even save their life at some point. This command is most often used when going outside, when getting out of the car or even when crossing the street.

There are many other commands that your pet will likely learn over the course of their lifetime however these are considered some of the most important ones. While some of these commands will teach your pet how they are expected to behave others are used as a means of keeping them safe and healthy. Since both of these are equally important the commands that teach these things are the first ones that should begin being taught from the time you get your pet. This will help you to ensure that your friend will have a life that is both long and healthy.

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