10 Must Have Items for Puppies


10 Must Have Items for Puppies; If you have recently added a new puppy to your family or are planning to do so anytime in the near future then there are some items that you simply must have. These items will make it possible not only to care for your puppy but also to teach them the proper ways to behave as well. Although some of these items may seem somewhat frivolous when caring for a pet each and every one of them is absolutely essential to making the job of caring for your new baby much easier and more successful.

Like anyone, pets enjoy having their own place to sleep and relax. This gives them a sense of safety and security. A crate is an essential way to achieve this however it is important to keep a few guidelines in mind when choosing a crate for your pet. The first rule of thumb is in size. When choosing a crate for your pet you do not want to choose one that is too large nor do you want one that is too small. Generally if your pet has enough room to both sit up and stretch out then it is the perfect size. Once the size has been chosen you should add bedding so that your new baby has a place to sleep that is both soft and comfortable.

Training pads are a very important item when you have a puppy. This is one item that will never lose its usefulness even when your puppy is grown. Training pads help to potty train your baby by giving them a place to do their business when they are unable to get outside. Even after your pet is grown there may be times when this is the case therefore they will always have access to their own potty place when outside just isn’t possible.

There are always going to be places in your home that you would just rather that your pet not be allowed entrance to. This is where baby gates can be quite beneficial. The use of such gates will make it possible to keep your pet limited to certain areas of your home without having to resort to restraining them to their crate.

No matter how many shelves, drawers or other storage places you have it will not always be possible to place all items out of the reach of your pet. This is especially true once the teething stage begins. In order to prevent the damage and destruction that may occur to certain items during this stage you will need bitter spray. This is a spray that is not harmful to your pet but has an unpleasant taste. This taste will deter your pet from chewing on things that are sprayed with it and it is safe to use on many items including shoes, furniture and other items that you don’t want your pet to chew on.

Some other essential items for your pet include a leash and collar as well as a variety of chew toys. It is important that the collar not be too tight but neither should it be too lose. A collar that is too lose may create a choking hazard for your pet. When choosing chew toys it is important that the selection that you offer your pet not be too large at one time. Having too many toys can sometimes lead to indecisiveness and possibly even boredom which may lead to your pet resorting to items that they should not be chewing on.

Probably the most important items on the list of essential puppy items include food and water bowls, food and snacks or treats. Puppies need to eat several times a day and it is the food that you choose will be vitally important. The best choices in foods are those that contain natural ingredients and are age appropriate for your pet. It is also important that your pet have access to adequate amounts of water. Snacks and treats will help when training your pet as these can also be used as rewards when they behave properly. As with food it is important to make the healthiest choices possible regarding snacks and treats.

Although there are many items that you will need in order to care for your pet not all things are material. Patience and unconditional love are two things that you will need an abundance of when raising a puppy. There will be accidents and these should be handled with love and patience. This along with the material essentials will ensure that you have a puppy that grows into a well developed, happy and healthy adult dog.

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