Top 10 People Foods for Dogs

There are some people foods that have been proven safe and healthy for dogs

Dogs are known to beg for their human’s food. As hard as we try to resist their adorable begging faces day after day, every once in a while you cave and share your food with fido. However, the food that people eat may have the potential to be toxic for your dog to consume. Before you share your meal with your furry best friend or put scraps in his or her food bowl , make sure it is a food that is has been proven safe for dogs to eat.


While some of the food people eat may be toxic for a dog, other people foods are packed with nutrients and can make a healthy addition to their daily diet. Also, giving your dog some of the sa
me food you eat can be a nice break from their daily dry kibble and can even be healthier than some store-bought dog foods and treats. The following is a list of food options that have been dog-approved.

Remember to always introduce new foods to your pooch in small increments to make sure he or she is not allergic or intolerant to the food.

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