2015 Best of Funny Guilty Dogs

2015 Best of Funny Guilty Dogs. It is truly amazing how genuinely intelligent that dogs are. What is equally amazing is how quickly we as humans can forget this fact. This is especially true when we come home to find that our four legged babies have destroyed something. It doesn’t take long however to be reminded of their intelligence once we see the looks of pure guilt on their faces at our discovery. It is times like this when we realize that dogs truly are like children in many ways. Like children, our furry babies know without a doubt that there are certain objects and areas that are off limits to them. Unfortunately, also like children, these are the objects and areas that they want access to the most. Anyone that thinks dogs don’t understand the things that we say to them should definitely watch this video. It is proof positive that they know exactly what they are doing when they do it. The looks on their precious faces is even more proof that they know that they are in forbidden territory as well but with cuteness like this there is no way you can stay mad at them for long.

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