50 Dogs Rescued Suspected Dogfighting Operation

50 Dogs Rescued Suspected Dogfighting Operation; It is always a horrible thing to see dogs that have been or are being neglected, abused or otherwise mistreated. What is even worse is when these dogs are being used for violent and cruel dog fights which entertain those that think this is a sport. That is suspected to be the case with the dogs in this video. When rescue workers entered this property they found about 50 dogs in various stages of neglect with many different kinds of injuries in addition to being seriously neglected and under nourished.

These dogs range in age from very young to quite old with the youngest being only a few months old and near death. With the loving care from these workers however even that youngest victim is improving within a few hours of being rescued from this terrible treatment.

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  1. Bless everyone who helped rescue these helpless dogs from the horrible life they were living hope they all can find good homes who will love them and show them that there r still some good people out there

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