Animal Cops Houston Helping the Helpless

Animal Cops Houston Helping the Helpless; Dogs are one of the most common chosen animals when it comes to pets. For most people this means taking the dog that you have chosen into your home, loving it, caring for it, cherishing it and treating it like you would any other member of the family. Unfortunately not everyone sees dogs the same way as the average person does. For some people the see dogs as dollar signs to be exploited either for breeding purposes in puppy mills or for fighting purposes such as with Pit Bulls and like breeds. In still other cases dogs are simply mistreated, neglected, abandoned or horribly abused and left to fend for themselves. The ones that face situations like this are the ones that need help the most. Dogs are like children – they depend on their owners to take care of them, love them and see that their needs are met. They trust their owners to have their best interests at heart. When they don’t then it is up to rescue workers such as the ones in this video to fix the problems as best they can. Sometimes this means removing the animals from whatever conditions they have been forced to live in and finding them new homes. Only then can they heal and head down the long road to recovery and happiness.

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