Animal Cops In Philadelphia Expose Puppy Mills

Animal Cops In Philadelphia Expose Puppy Mills ; The Horrors of Puppy Mills are the worst possible environment for any dog because the living conditions are so horrifying in places such as this. At a bare minimum facilities like this are often unsanitary but often the animals that are housed in such places face many more serious problems as well. Overcrowding is a serious problem with many different animals housed in one cage. These cages themselves are often made of wire which is damaging to the feet of the animals that are housed within. This often results in these dogs being unable to walk normally because of the damage that this incurs. As if the housing conditions alone weren’t bad enough you also have to figure in the actual treatment of the dogs in puppy mills. Rarely are these dogs fed properly and the food is often contaminated or rotten. The water too is often dirty and sometimes even nonexistent which leads to the animals being dehydrated and undernourished among other things. The most unfortunate part of puppy mills is that many of the people that own such establishments only do so in order to make a profit off of the animals that are bred there and often have little if any care on concern for the actual welfare of the animals.

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