Baby Tiger And Dog Are Best Friends

Oh Tiger My Tiger, These Two Have A Bond For Life 🙂 🙂 🙂 We Could Lean From Them, A Baby Tiger And Dog Are Best Friends.

Baby Hunter and Chelsea appear to be the best of friends even if their friendship is somewhat of an unusual nature. What makes this friendship so unusual is that Hunter is a three month old baby tiger. Hunter was an only cub and had to be removed from his mother due to her aggressive behavior towards him. Chelsea is a hunting dog and seems to adore Hunter and they appear to get along rather well together. Unfortunately theirs is a friendship that will be short lived based on the kind of animal that Hunter is. While Hunter is still a baby right now he will not stay that way and as he becomes older he will become more dangerous. When that time comes the pair will have to be separated but for now they certainly seem to be enjoying the time they have together now. It is truly adorable to watch how the two play together and run around in the grass together.

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