Brave Kittens Stand Up To Dogs

It is just a simple fact of life that under most circumstances cats and dogs just don’t seem to get along, our brave kitten stand up to dogs. Most cats have enough sense that they avoid dogs whenever they possibly can – especially the big ones like the one in this video and still our brave kittens stand up to dogs. That is not to say that cats are necessarily afraid of dogs as it is not uncommon for a cat to swat a dogs nose as a way to tell him to back off. But at the same time cats try to keep their distance from these bigger animals in order to prevent unnecessary or unwanted confrontations. This is referring to adult cats since most of these has had at least one encounter with a dog at some point in their lives. Kittens on the other hand are a completely different story. Most kittens would take one look at a dog like this and run the other way out of fear of something so big. The kitten in this video however is obviously not like most kittens and has no intentions of running for the hills. Even as the dog is barking at the kitten she shows no fear and stands her ground showing no fear. Someone should tell this little one that the dog could make a snack out of her in just a couple of quick bites as tiny as she is. On the other hand the dog may think twice against such an act based on the kittens attitude simply because it is so out of character for such a small potential adversary. Regardless of the thought processes that may be going on between these two one thing is certain – this is a video that is just too cute to simply pass over. You can’t help but admire this tiny kitten for her apparent bravery.

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only person kinda not cool with this. Even if the dog is just playing and the people don’t mean any harm that kitten thinks it’s life is in serious jeopardy.

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