Cat Bath Freak Out

Cat Bath Freak Out; Most cats don’t like water therefore it is no surprise that if you try to give a cat a bath then you are most likely going to run into problems of one kind or another. Different cats react in different ways to the prospect of being given a bath. Some cats claw, scratch and do everything to get out of the vicinity while others simply scream howl or hiss to voice their objection over the very idea. Tigger is not your average cat and while he is extremely vocal on the matter he is not physical with his objections to bath time. To look at sweet little Tigger you would think he was reasonably calm – until you hear the sounds coming from his mouth that is. He is certainly letting anyone who is within hearing distance that he is not happy about these recent developments of being expected to have a bath. Although he does try to resist being put down into the water he doesn’t really try to run. Once he realizes that resistance is futile he resigns himself to accept what is coming. That doesn’t mean that he is going to take it quietly however as his cries seem to get louder. The way he is crying he almost sound like a child that is in the middle of a serious temper tantrum. Just goes to show you that just because an animal can’t talk doesn’t mean that he can’t voice his opinion vocally.

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  1. My sister does that too
    I don’t like it ! Cat not like dog , they cleaned by them
    Self ,
    Cat scared & crying times
    I had my cats from my
    Sister ! I never give her bath … She’s my love now
    And she’s love too
    Please ! Please stop
    Torturing your baby if
    You love her
    Lets her be !!!!
    My cat with me over 5 years never get one bath
    Also she sill good and
    Happy cat
    Thanks for sharing ❤️

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