Cats Being Jerks And Knocking Everything Over

Cats Being Jerks And Knocking Everything Over; Cats may be cute, sweet and adorable most of the time but some cats have another side to them as well. This other side almost always includes the unpredictable nature of cats and in some cases even the manipulative, mischievous and sometimes downright mean side can be seen as well. This video will show you several different cats doing things that you might not see from a cat everyday. It is no secret that when a cat wants attention from a person or even another cat or other animal they will do anything and everything they can to get that attention. There are also times when cats just want to be left alone by everyone and everything. It is when a cat is in this kind of mood that you have to watch out because they are likely to do anything to show you that do not want to be messed with. In this video you will see a cat boxing a baby – doll that is, you will also see a cat that seems to be infatuated with a woman’s hair and another cat that steals a bite of food from a baby’s hand. You will even see a cat that is determined to have the room dark by jumping up and turning off the light every time it is turned on. Some of the things you will see here are just so comical that you can’t help but to keep watching. You might want to pay close attention as you watch however because the antics of some of these cats are so quick that if you look away even for a second you might miss something. Sit back and enjoy because you are sure to enthralled by these cats as they get their point across in one way or another.

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