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When the dog in this video comes close to a cat laying in the road he mistakenly thinks that the cat is dead, these dog and cat games are adorable. As he comes closer and the cat jumps up and takes off the dog seems to be slightly startled. It doesn’t take him long to recover from this initial reaction however as the dog quickly gives chase and takes off after the cat. Dogs chasing cats is a common occurrence. After all it is in their nature not to get alone. Sometimes when you are watching it as it happens however you can’t help but wonder if the dog will ever catch the cat and what the cat will do if he does. Not all dogs chase cats just to be mean. Sometimes this activity is just a way to have fun and break the boredom. Some cats actually enjoy being chased for the very same reasons. Not all dogs and cats are destined to fight. Some of these animals are actually close friends and enjoy playing together. These are the ones that are truly enjoyable to watch frolic around. It is hard to really tell if the two in this video are actually friends or if they even know each other but it is still cute to watch. The look on the dogs face as the cat jumps up and takes off is priceless. After a reaction like that there really isn’t much the surprised dog can do but to take off after the cat and that he does with relish and seems to enjoy doing so. This is the perfect video for anyone that enjoys watching different animals chase each other and it just goes to show you that dogs aren’t the only ones that can do cute little tricks. By watching this video you will see that apparently cats have a knack for playing dead pretty well too. It’s not just a dog trick anymore.

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