Dog Protects His Pregnant Owner

T-Bone Is And Has Been A Non Aggressive Dog, However This Completely Changed When His Owner Became Pregnant Last Year. Absolutely Nobody, Which Includes The Husband Can Touch Her Now T-Bone Is And Has Been A Non Aggressive Dog. The love T-Bone has for his owner is very clear and he’ll protect her at all times. If you love your dog the return will always be equal or greater. Love this video.

Also some people believe the dog is actually biting him, he’s not.  T-Bone and all dogs use their mouths in play and are majority of the time vocal and he is differently trying to express his disapproval of any body touching the baby

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  1. Good dog. Teach him about the baby before its born. It may be cute to c This but that pup might be overly protective of the new baby

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