Excited Dachshund Calmed by Cat

Excited Dachshund Calmed by Cat; Dachshunds are an excitable breed of dog that are full of seemingly endless amounts of energy. Although this may be an endearing quality in these little dogs a majority of the time there are other times when one should just take a chill pill, relax and be calm. Especially at times when there are others trying to sleep such as the cat whose slumber this cute little Dachshund interrupts with his antics. At a time like this you might expect the cat to retaliate or become agitated by the dog but not this cat. Instead this cat goes to work at trying to calm the excited little fellow and upon achieving that goal cuddles with him. This cat is determined that nothing is going to disturb her dream time and that includes an excited little Dachshund. It is both cute and sweet that the energy level of these little dogs knows no bounds and they can become excited about almost anything. What is even more precious is the skill and ease which this cat is able to tone that excitement down so quickly and turn into a loving cuddle session with such finesse. Perhaps this is one of the many reasons that some people think cats are superior to dogs in so many different ways. Of course there are just as many people who prefer dogs over cats as well. Guess it just depends on your personal preference and which one is capable of complementing your personality in the best way.

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