How Cats Say I Love You

If you are a cat lover or know someone that is then you probably already know that cats have their own unique ways of getting their point across in any given situation, how cats say I love you is just one. This is even true of the different ways that your cat might let you know how much he loves you. This video shows some of the different ways that cats might use to make this point. Some of these ways are rather obvious while others might seem to be a little on the unusual side depending on how you look at it. One of the most common things that a cat often does to indicate his contentment is to purr. This can also be viewed as a way of letting you know that you are loved. After all, you are the one caring for him so you are therefore somewhat responsible for his happiness as well. Nudging your hand or face is also a common way cats ask for attention and they wouldn’t want your attention if they didn’t like you. If you like cats and enjoy their different forms of communication and body language then this is one video that you are sure to love.

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