Humane Society Rescues 90 Dogs In Arkansas

Arkansas Dog Rescue; Anytime you see animal neglect and cruelty on a large scale it is heart breaking. This is especially true when the animals are very young. Many of the animals in this particular video are very young with some being as young as only a few weeks. When rescue workers entered this property they found 25 cats and 69 dogs in various states of undernourishment as well as suffering from many other problems as well. Now that these precious animals have been rescued they can receive the love and care that they so desperately need and deserve. Many of these animals were found outside and left on very short lead lines with no access to food or water and barely enough room to move a few feet. Of the ones that were found on the inside of the home the conditions were not much better. These animals were found in cages that were horribly filthy in a home that was in pretty much the same condition. The conditions in which these poor, defenseless animals have been forced to live is more than neglectful it is downright cruel. No living creature should have to endure such travesty.

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  1. They look good but how do people do that? That poor mother its deplorable what this world has become THANK YOU FOR THE RESCURES YOUR ALL MUCH APPRECIATED GOD. YOU I HOPE THEY GO TO A PLACE THATS NOT A KILL SHELTER AND PEOPLE GOOD LOVING PEOPLE WILL LOVE THESE ANiMALS. ❤

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