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Just Adorable Cute Animals Loving Babies. For the most part the majority of people think that animals are cute and adorable and of course babies are even more so. When you put the two together however you get combinations that are truly precious and completely amazing to watch to the point that it melts your heart. Many parents worry about how their pets will react to the newest member of the family when a baby enters the mix. These same parents will be the first to tell you that such fears are completely unfounded. You would think that pets would be the first to become aggressive when a baby or toddler accidentally pulls or squeezes a little too hard in play. The opposite is true. It is as if the animals know instinctively that the miniature human is a baby and that whatever pain they may have momentarily caused the animal was accidental. In many homes the pets are as protective and loving of the babies as the parents are. This is one video that is sure to melt the heart so if you are looking for your daily dose of truly precious then this is definitely it.

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