Kitten and Puppy Are Best Friends

Kitten and Puppy Are Best Friends; Cats and dogs often fight and the things that they do to each other can be funny or a little scary. The truth of the matter is that there are many cases in which cats and dogs actually make better friends with each other than they do with other animals of the same species. This is especially true if the dog and cat are raised together from a very early age as seems to be the case with the two that you will see portrayed in this video. Although this does not work in every case you can look at these two and just see in their faces and their actions toward each other that they will remain friends for a long time to come. It is quite adorable to see how the puppy licks the kitten as if to show that his affection is genuine and will not fade. Not all animals that are raised together will show a bond such as what seems to be shared between these two animals but they sure appear to be enjoying each others company. As they grow it is certain that there will be times when they have their little problems or bad moods against each other. What will make it all worth while is the knowledge that each will have a friend to the end in the other. It definitely warms the heart to see two totally different animals that would normally fight relentlessly get along and share a friendship such as these two.

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