My Cat Loves Taking A Shower

Ok, not all Kitty’s love taking a bath or a shower, however is that a expression of “I hate this”, or “I love this,” maybe more the disconnected look.. To Funny! My Cat Loves Taking A Shower; As a general rule cats will do anything to avoid a bath or shower or anything else that involves water. You will quickly see that Max is an exception to this rule and unlike any other cat you have encountered. Most cats would be clawing and scratching and biting and doing anything else they could think of to get away from the water but not Max. Instead Max sits there almost regally just taking it all in stride and even remains sitting there after the water is turned off. This cat seems to truly enjoy his massaging shower and is in no hurry for it to be over with. This is one video that you simply have to see to believe because it is so out of character for the majority of cats so watch and see for yourself how much Max seems to truly enjoy his shower time. Call this one unbelievable – especially if you have ever tried to give a cat a bath and ended up covered with scratches as a result.

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