Our Cat Adopts a Rabbit

Our Cat Adopts a Rabbit; Snaggle Puss is a cat that recently gave birth to kittens but she didn’t stop there. After bringing her own litter into the world this amazing cat went one step farther and adopted an orphan that might be considered a little unusual into her young brood. What makes this orphan so unusual is the fact that not only is it not a kitten but it is actually a rabbit. Bubbles was orphaned at only one week of age when her mother died. Snaggle Puss then took it upon herself to accept Bubbles into her fold just like she was one of her own. Not only does the little rabbit nurse right along with her other kittens but the mother cat also cleans little Bubbles and carries her around when necessary just like she would one of her own. It is precious how this sweet cat has taken this homeless orphan in and accepted the job of raising her even when she is a totally different species from herself. It just goes to show you that anyone can be a mother as long as the bond of love is present and in the case of Snaggle Puss and Bubbles it is obviously there. This may seem like an unusual family when you look at it from a natural standpoint but when you think about it there is not much difference as what you would see in a human family that has adopted a child. Giving birth doesn’t always automatically make you a parent – loving and raising a child does that.

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