Siberian Husky Plays With Baby

Siberian Husky Plays With Baby; It is not uncommon for dogs and children to play contentedly together for long periods of time. What is uncommon is for dogs to play with children that are as young as the one in this video. The reason this is so unusual is because many parents would fear that the dog would hurt the baby either intentionally or accidentally. Clearly there is no danger of that being an issue with these two as the dog remains completely calm throughout their play time even when the baby pulls her ears. At one point it even looks as though the baby might try to bite the ears of the dog but still the dog is calm and content. It is obvious from the baby’s giggles that she is enjoying herself greatly and the dog doesn’t seem to be unhappy either. Moments like these make you feel thankful that you have a happy family and pets that are clearly a part of that family. It truly warms the heart to watch scenes such as this one with children and pets playing together without fear of one harming the other. Children are truly a gift and if you have a pet like this one that can play well with children then that is a gift too. Not all dogs are this calm and there are even some dogs that do not play well with children.

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