Great Dane | Sibling Rivalry |Canine Style

Great Dane Sibling Rivalry, Canine Style. When you have more than one child you almost always have sibling rivalry at some point and it often results in jealousy and sometimes even temper tantrums by one or the other. Since pets are much like children the same concept applies as is illustrated quite well by this video. Dinky and Ro-Ro are very large dogs and daddy is currently paying what Dinky thinks is too much attention to Ro-Ro. As Dinky vocalizes his objections to this fact – quite unsuccessfully – he is basically told to lie down and wait his turn. The resulting fit he pitches is quite comical especially when you consider his huge stature. It just goes to show you that children whether they are human or canine can be over grown babies when they don’t get what they want. It’s a super dose of cute that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

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