Skydiving Cats

Animals skydiving out of airplanes is not exactly an uncommon practice however it is less likely to see a cat as the featured animal, yep skydiving cats. Generally this is done with dogs – particularly rescue, military or police dogs as part of their training. There has been some controversy over the commercial that this video portrays. This has come from cat lovers that see ‘skydiving cats’ as offensive, cruel and barbaric. The video does however state that the cats are not actually sky diving but rather that special effects are used to give the appearance that they are. It also states that the cats never left the filming studio where the commercial was filmed and no cat was harmed in any way. Regardless of how the ultimate effect was achieved the cats don’t appear to mind one way or they other. They seem to just be taking everything in stride as it comes their way. Two of the five cats used in this commercial are so comfortable that they even take a moment in mid air to high five each other. Rest assured cat lovers there is no abuse to or mistreatment of cats going on here. No matter whether it is real or special effects or how it is done there is one thing that you can be sure of – sky diving cats is just something you simply don’t see done everyday. It is a unique idea and most definitely a cute one. For this reason alone this is a video that you just have to see to believe. One thing that may strike you as somewhat funny is that cats often get stuck in trees and are afraid to jump because of the height. That kind of makes you wonder how they can manage to get one to jump out of an airplane.

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