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Stray Cat Rescue;¬†Catching stray animals is no easy task especially if they have been left to fend for themselves for an extended period of time. The longer an animal is left alone and has to live off whatever scraps they can find the less trusting they become of humans in general. This is even more evident when an animal has been abused. This video shows a man attempting to rescue a stray cat and anyone that takes the time to earn the trust of such an animal in an effort to save it should be commended. No animal ever asks to be neglected or abused and they certainly don’t ask to be abandoned or left homeless. Unfortunately these are things that happen everyday all over the world. Every animal deserves to have a clean home with plenty of food and owners that truly love and care for them. Sometimes with animals such as the beautiful cat in this video trust from the animal is slow in coming. As you will see as you watch this video the cat does begin to respond by eating the food that is being offered. Although the cat is not actually rescued the man is able to feed him and offer at least some comfort.

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Based in Toronto Canada, Animal Rights Advocate and Relentless Volunteer!

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