What Baby Tigers are Forced To Do Might Shock You

What Baby Tigers are Forced to do Might Shock You; Tiger Cub Exploitation, It seems like animal abuse, neglect and cruelty is everywhere. Unfortunately this mistreatment of animals is not limited to domestic animals such as dogs and cats but also extends to exotic animals such as tigers and many other species as well. This video shows some of the ways that tiger cubs are mistreated and exploited for financial gain and it is truly sickening that some people would stoop to such levels as to use these beautiful animals as nothing more than a way to make money.


That in itself is bad enough but the treatment that these majestic creatures must endure during this process is horrifying. From physical abuse to food deprivation and lack of needed medical care to the mental abuse and stress that comes from the situation these animals have no choice but to endure the way that they are handled and abused. This is quite possibly one of the worst types of animal cruelty because these are wild animals that should be living in their intended environment or at least as close to it as possible under the circumstances. No animal should ever be used as a way for someone else to make money while they are mistreated so horribly.

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